I just completed a Paramotor Endorsement Course with Mark & Chris at Cloudbase and wanted to pass on a massive thank you to these guys and to recommend this school to anyone looking to learn to fly.

The whole experience from start to finish was exactly what you want from a paragliding school. First and foremost the guys really know their stuff and are happy to share that knowledge. I went for a motoring course but learnt loads about reading flying conditions, thermaling, top landing, safety and more.

The location is excellent as there is a number of flying sites to cover most wind directions and conditions. Conditions weren’t ideal for motoring every day so they took us free flying instead which was a big bonus. Flying off North Brother gave probably the most impressive vistas I’ve seen in 2 years of flying.

The gear we used was first class. The latest wings made learning easy and I was able to test fly some of the new AirDesign wings which look amazing and have excellent build quality.

I look forward to catching up with you guys again. Many Thx!

Mark 'Splinter' Griffin, VIC

I’ve recently traveled from WA to do a paragliding course with Chris and Mark!!


Going back to work after ten days at Cloudbase was not easy, I can tell you! I can’t thank them enough for all their expert tuition and guidance!

Set in a beautiful part of the world, with multiple great flying sites close by, makes for a perfect location! They have top quality equipment and the facilities are great, the training and course structure is in depth and you are learning in an incredibly safe environment!

Cloudbase are definitely not a soulless school, spitting out numbers! Their priority is your safety, enjoyment and giving you the very best training, but they’re also so passionate about you loving the sport as much as they do!

Cheers guys

Bring on Bali!

Richard 'The Hamster, Green Eggs' Ham, WA

I travelled from West Oz to an amazing part of the country where Cloudbase Paragliding has got it wired.

Chris & Mark offer the full live in package where you are immersed around the clock in paragliding heaven.

Experienced instruction keeps you both safe & comfortable. Its easy to see, as these guys are oozing with passion to get you achieving your goals. Probably take me another week to get this silly grin off my face.

Julian 'Groundskepper Willie' Bryant, WA

.. For something totally different I did the paragliding course in Jan 2014 and ended up in Bali with Chris and Mark to get some serious airtime in August.

What an experience flying in Bali to get airborne and clock up some much needed hours, to improve my flying skills from the best teachers in the business.

I’ll be going back in 2015 for sure. Thanks brother bird.

Bruce Everingham, NSW

.. After completing my PPG Endorsement at Cloudbase, I can highly recommend the Cloudbase team!

Chris and Mark have created a fun and relaxed environment to live and learn, their teaching skills (and patience) are second to none and their equipment is amazing to fly.

Thanks guys

Andrew 'The Natural' Rolles, NSW

.. I found the transition from skydiving to paragliding extremely simple. Canopy time definitely makes it all easier, and I would recommend it to other skydivers thinking of taking the sport up.

It’s sick.

Haris 'The Shackmaster' Shariff, NSW

I went from not knowing a single bit of paragliding to flying solo in three days when I did my course with the boys Cloudbase.

Hanging out at the flight house doing my course and then flying consistently for two weeks in Bali are factors which make an amazing time unforgettable!

Thanks guys!

Liam O'Dell, NSW

Spending 9 days with Rossi and Rogers in a nice big house with a pool with a small group of people learning to fly was one of the best times of my life!

Definitely the guys to do the course with. Also did us good deals on new wings and harnesses, thanks Cloudbase!

Mark 'Hubs' Wilkinson, NSW

I have just had the single best holiday in almost 15 years. I have been looking to do paragliding for a couple of years, and now I have learnt to fly thanks to Chris and Mark at Cloudbase.

I honestly have to tell you the instruction I received from Chris was absolutely first class. I have trained people in rope access and height safety, and confirm that safety is also their ultimate goal.

It was comfortable and relaxed and felt like being on holidays!

I look forward to catching up with you guys again. Many Thx!

Geoff 'El Stretcho' Hegney, NSW

..I came from Western Australia to do my Paramotor course with Chris and Mark because they came so highly regarded.

The best thing about the course, other than having a great time with the lads was returning home extremely confident and skilled to fly my paramotor.

Thanks fellas!

Clive 'Bokkie' Allan, WA

Travelling to NSW to get my paragliding endorsement with Cloudbase paragliding was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Flying in beautiful locations with excellent instruction from Chris & Mark, I never once felt unsafe or rushed. Due to excellent weather conditions on my 8 day course, I came home to Perth WA with almost 10hrs of solo flight time logged!

You couldn’t ask for more than that!Paragliding is such a pure, peaceful form of flying & I guarantee you won`t regret learning to fly with Cloudbase.

Jed Roscoe

Learning in Bali was excellent. The flying conditions are always perfect and great for students.

Additionally, it was brilliant because I was on holiday in this beautiful tropical location.

Ricardo 'The Cuban' Neves, NSW

.. Sal and I had a great day flyn Bonny Hills with heaps of help from Chris and Mark.

Top blokes, great instructors

Dan Cupitt, NSW

…I really can’t recommend Mark and Chris at Cloudbase enough. In the middle of a plethora of flying sites, these guys live and breathe PG and PPG. So if you learn with these guys you’ll get free, A-grade, experienced advice 24/7.

Not only that, but there’s luxury too. A huge pool, both private and public spaces in their huge mansion, free wi-fi if you need to work, a library of PG videos and everything has been thought out for you down to even the smallest of details. The towels they supply are the softest I’ve ever used…EVER!

Rod Sheppard, VIC