Woody Valley Front Reserve Container with Cockpit AP012

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Woody Valley Front Reserve Container with Cockpit AP012

Tehnical data

  • Weight including reserve handle (APM11 n.11) 580 g
  • Max volume ~ 7310 cm³ *



Compatible with Woody Valley Exense, Exense air, Haska, Haska2, Transalp, Velvet 2, Voyager Plus, Wani and Wani Light harnesses, and most other standard open paragliding harness.


Compatible with most solo emergency reserve parachutes.

Woody Valley have not given the volume of the reserve container however it’s the largest we know of. It’s the only front container we know that can accommodate large rescues such as the Charly Diamond Cross 160 and above .


  • Reserve container with cockpit
  • Reserve handle


Woody Valley Front Reserve Container with Cockpit

Front reserve container with cockpit instrument panel, designed for front-mounting a suitable emergency reserve parachute to an open paragliding harness.


  • Ventral fastening system with connection to main carabiners and to straps on harnesses using adjustable quick locking buckles for greater cockpit position and stability.
  • Adjustable volume container to adapt to most emergency parachutes on the market.
  • Allows the harness bridle to pass to the right or left, protected by Cordura fabric.
  • Adjustable in depth for good instrument visibility.
  • Rigid support covered with hook and loop fastener, equipped with loops for the safety of your instruments during flight.
  • Sturdy Neoprene fabric covers and protects your instruments during transport.
  • Equipped with a convenient carrying handle.
  • Top build quality and materials

The space not occupied by the emergency parachute can be used as a pocket for various materials, accessible from the zipper located under the instrument panel.


  • Metal quick-release buckles and webbing straps attached to the top, for a reliable attachment and durability
  • Adjustable webbing straps attached to the bottom, for additional support and to facilitate setting the angle
  • Reserve handle is securely attached, and easy to see, grab and deploy the reserve with
  • Symmetric design allows for ambidextrous (right or left- handed) use
  • Reserve bridle sleeves on both sides for left or right-handed configuration options
  • 2 reserve pin options to facilitate both small and large reserves
  • Storage area between flight deck and reserve cavity
  • Spacious hook and loop fastener surface on top for mounting instruments, with security loops
  • Neoprene cover for protecting instruments when not in use

Woody Valley code: AP012