VHF Radio Operator Endorsement

$75.00 Inc GST


The fee for this course covers the facilitation and administration of the online learning module for the SAFA-approved VHF Radio Operator Endorsement.

Please understand that SAFA requires a practical demonstration component to be completed in person, which can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Once you have processed the online payment for this endorsement, you will be issued with instructions and keys that support the online learning modules.

The SAFA Radio Operator Endorsement permits the holder to operate on the approved aeronautical VHF radio frequencies while flying.

Applicants for the issue of a Radio Operator Endorsement must be able to speak and understand the English language and shall meet the following minimum requirements:
1) hold a valid SAFA Pilot Certificate. 2) have undertaken the course of instruction ‘VHF Radio Operator Syllabus’.
2) have passed an examination for the issue of a Radio Operator Endorsement.
4) forward to the SAFA Office a completed Endorsement application (in this case as we are administrating the endorsement, we take care of this).

Requirements to obtain the endorsement upon course completion:

  1. Successfully complete the VHF Radio Operators Syllabus and Examination (online)
  2. *Radio Use
    *Radio Fault Finding