Supair Storage Bag Solo2 Stuffsack

$180.00 Inc GST

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Standard Colour: petrol


  • Weight: approx 890 g
  • Volume: 160L

Say goodbye to endless Bending sessions, knees in the dirt, and Cells in the wind. The STORAGE SOLO 2 bag allows you to store your wing and your harness in seconds, stopwatch in hand.

Fabrics Newlite, Cordura, and aluminium buckles… All the materials making up the Storage Solo 2 bag have been carefully selected to guarantee the best possible durability. What’s more, any parts of the bag that might be subject to wear and tear can be easily replaced without the need for a special machine. Put, everything in place to ensure that this bag will be with you for a long time.

The Storage Solo 2 bag is designed to simplify the storage of your equipment upon landing. With a volume of 160 L, you can effortlessly store your stopper wing, harness, and flight accessories in the STORAGE SOLO 2.

Built to last

The materials used in this rucksack have been carefully selected to guarantee the best possible durability. Fabrics Newlite and Cordura combined with aluminum buckles are designed to withstand intensive use.

Even if the compression straps wear out or the buckles on the adjustment shoulder straps break, the lark’s head fastening system makes replacement quick and easy, without the need for special machines or tools.

Intelligent Organization

The STORAGE SOLO 2 bag is designed to help you keep your gear in order and stay organized. Its transparent pouch allows you to quickly identify your equipment. Additionally, hook and loop fastener is provided inside the bag to attach your risers, ensuring that they stay in place and do not get tangled with lines and other straps during transport.

Easy to transport

The STORAGE SOLO 2 bag is designed to save you time bending. Stow your wing and all your equipment in it, then pull on the lanyard to cinch the bag.

This bag is also equipped with padded shoulder straps for easy carrying and transportation of your equipment.

Once off the ground, the compact solo 2 bag fits easily into the storage pocket of your harness without taking up any extra space.

The STORAGE SOLO 2 is designed for quick and easy storage of complete solo pilot equipment. For use with tandem equipment, discover the Supair Storage Tandem bag.

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