SupAir Cockpit Light

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Lighter and a bit smaller than the standard Sup’Air Cockpit, the Cockpit Light has a slightly smaller integrated flight deck for your flight instruments, much smaller lower compartment for ballast and is also made from lighter, thinner material.

Attaches to the harness straps or carabiners. Holds and secures 2-3 flight instruments for an unobstructed viewing. Instruments can be attached by self-adhesive hook and loop fastener. Zip-top flap to protect instruments when not in use.

A well liked accessory in increasing demand. Practical; offering a direct view of the instrument panel. Keep your instruments in view in-flight, but hidden away and protected on the ground!



Quick and easy connection to the harness with straps and quick-release buckles.
Padded instrument cockpit-container with top zipping protective flap.
Rigid support with velour hook and loop fastener side + safety lanyard.
Room for 2 or 3 compact instruments.
2 lt. of ballast or storage volume.
2 ballast container compression straps to reduce its overall volume.
Small zipping internal pocket (for keys and documents).
Material: Cordura Light
Colour: black
Weight 230 g

Includes a self- adhesive hook and loop fastener patch.

 Weight: 230 g

Color: Black