Skydive/Hang Glide Conversion Course Remainder Payment

$1,150.00 Inc GST

This remaining amount is payable prior to course commencement and when you have already paid the course deposit ($500.00) towards the 8 Day Learn to Paraglide (Novice/Under Supervision) Skydive/Hang Glide Conversion Course.

More about this course


This course is valid to Skydivers holding current qualifications with experience over 200 jumps. Hang Glider pilots must have 50 logged flying hours flight and current HGFA license.

What to expect

Introduction to the Sport : The Hang Gliding Federation of Australia, licensing legals, course overview
Understanding your equipment : All elements of a modern paraglider, harness and associated equipment used when flying are explained in an extremely detailed session
Ground handling : Forward and reverse launching in varying wind conditions
Training slope flights : This is where you’ll get an opportunity to get associated with being proficient at take off and landings, and build your confidence before you get to attempt your high flights
Tandem flights : You’ll get an opportunity to have as many Tandem flights so that you feel comfortable being up high. We also will demonstrate how to ridge soar, thermal, and land effectively
First High flights : This is where we do our first high glides. A moment you’ll wish you could bottle
Landing approaches : Figure “8” beats and Aircraft style
Ridge Soaring : Staying up and using upward lift along a ridge
Thermalling : Controlling the glider in thermic conditions, using the thermal core. Using a variometer/altimeter
Big Ears : Understanding an important decent manoeuvre and when to use this technique
Rear Riser Steering : An emergency manoeuvre in the event of brake line knots or breakages
Theory lessons : Approx 20 hours theory in a relaxed atmosphere
Theory exams : including post exam debrief
Top Landing : Why land on the beach if you can top land?
Emergency recovery techniques : Understand how to confidently recover from different situations

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