Icom HM168LWP IP67 Waterproof Speakermic for IC-41W, IC-41PRO

$155.00 Inc GST

Icom’s new waterproof HM-168LWP Speaker Microphone suits Icom’s new range of IP67 rated radios including the Icom IC41W, IC-F3033 & IC-F4033.

This HM168LWP microphone is IP67 rated and is completely water & dust proof. The HM168LWP offers impressive loud and clear sound and is offer exceptional build quality that you come to expect from Icom.

Feature List:
Large 45mm (d) speaker delivers loud and clear sound.
8-position heavy duty rotatable clip & 3.5mm earpiece jack.
Clear sound and accurate communication.

Supports the following models:
IC-41W, IC-41PRO, IC-F3033 & IC-F4033


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