Closed Face Helmet PTT

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Kenwood (99% Chinese Radios)
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Needing comms for an open-face helmet? No problems!! Check out this awesome life hack that shows you how you can get it done!

By far this is the best PTT headset out on the market. Single speaker setup with an absolute minimum of cabling. None of these cables down your arm to a finger PTT business. Simple to touch the side of your helmet to broadcast whilst in flight.

This system is designed for your in-flight safety by allowing your hands to operate the controls while communicating with others.

-Single plug quick disconnect from your helmet
-The length of wire is thoughtfully measured, no extra wire hang around on your helmet.
-High-quality plug, speaker, and noise-canceling microphone.
-Easy installation, no drilling holes in your expensive helmets.

Kenwood and Icom radio options available.

Unfortunately, this will not work with VHF radios.

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