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The GPS LS was created to provide novice through to experienced pilots with a light and simple instrument yet with lots of features. It showcases almost everything that the most expensive instruments available feature – but for a much more affordable price.

As the unit has an inbuilt velcro strip on the rear, this device comes with a velcro, riser mounted application including safety tether, as shown on this flight review for the Vario LS device and you can simply attach this on and off your cockpit or instrument plate with absolute ease.

In the event that you’re looking to expand your range of attachment opportunities, you have the Parapocket (bracket only) and Legpocket (strap only) options at your disposal! This ensures that your device is always in your field of vision, with its unique heads-up display style!


Mounting Method: Riser mounts as standard. Velcro backed, ready for your cockpit!

Display TypeSegmented LCD
Screen size (true viewing area)53x75mm
Battery Capacity (Lithium-Ion)1800mAh
AutonomyApprox 60 hours
Size126mm x 73mm x 12mm (Length x Width x Thickness)
Weight110 grams
GPS72 channel GPS/Glonass
Native USB ConnectionAllows connection to the PC to download Flight Data
Battery ChargingFrom wall adapter, car adapter or standard usb port
Firmware update by USB (upgrades are free)



Fixed Data FieldsBattery
GPS Status
Max Climb Rate
Glide Ratio
Analog Vario
Integrated Vario
Ground Speed
Max. Sink Rate
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Distance to takeoff
Last thermal location.
Distance to thermal
3 independent altimeters.
Clock Flight Time
Sound Level
User Configurable Data FieldsUnits
2 independent altimeters
Multi-lingual interface
  • English
  • French
  • German


  • Buzzer/near thermal sound.
  • Ultra sensitive Variometer with 10 readings per second and 10 cm resolution.
  • Configurable vario digital filter and integration values.
  • Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, increments, frequency/vertical speed relation, …).
  • 4 Sound Levels (configurable by menu, or using a key).
  • Automatic mute: Keeps vario silent until takeoff
  • Altitude adjustment using QNH
  • Automatic altitude adjustment from GPS
  • 2 independent altimeters


  • 3D flight logger IGC format
  • Storage for around 150000 track points


  • 3D Exclusive Thermal Ball indicator
  • Several specific data fields like Distance to take off, current glide ratio, current speed, etc
  • Distance to last thermal indexed with altitude
  • Wind speed and direction (GPS based calculation)


  • Compatible with MacOSX (1.6 and higher), Windows (vista/7/8)
 USB Charging
Can be charged with any conventional 5V USB charger
Internal Li-Ion Battery
One single charge provide more than 100 hours of runtime
Easy Setup
Intuitive and simple instrument adjustment method
Glove-friendly Keys
Even during flight, big keys allow easy operation with gloves
Light and Compact
Specifically designed to be extremely thin and comfortable to carry
Rugged Construction
Built from high strength polycarbonate screen combined with a rubber back, making it extremely robust
Ultrasensitive Vario
An accurate and extremely sensitive instrument that uses the proven quality of Flymaster vario technologies
Anti-scratch Screen
Plexiglass polycarbonate highly durable screen
Thermal Core Assistant. The same incredible thermal ball indicating in our premier range of devices
Last thermal location
Wind information
Wind speed and wind direction
Glide Ratio
Instrument shows current glide ratio
Performance GPS
72 channel GPS/Glosnass
5″ x 3″ x 0.5″
The onboard piezo speaker provides up to 90dB sound to ensure you hear every beep and blop (hopefully more bleeps than blops 😉)
Flight Storage
Internal memory allows up to 100 hours of flight storage
Sunlight Readable Display
The monochrome high contrast display offers you the best viewing experience, even under direct sunlight conditions!
110g / 3 oz
Configurable Vario Acoustics
Vario sound modulation can be customised to the pilot’s preference

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