Emergency Reserve Parachute Repack

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As a pilot, you’re probably aware that the HGFA Operations manual requires reserve parachutes to be re-packed every 6 months. From experience, we know that most of you may stretch this out to a whole annual season.

Fold methodology can affect your deployment speed, and malfunctions can relate to improper installation, corrosion on the deployment pin (especially, though not exclusively, for coastal fliers) and deep creases, or “memory,” that cause the reserve to come out as a non-unfurling brick. (The latter is usually due to moisture in the reserve container causing the nylon to adhere to itself.)

Here’s a fine example of this:

We check all this, inflate your canopy and give your glider a day to stabilise in a low humidity environment.

Ask yourself when you last has your reserve repacked. It’s a pretty small price to pay for piece of mind because when you use it, you’ll generally want to know that it will open, and fast!

Contact us for pricing if you have a steerable canopy.

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