Coastal Cliff Soaring Tandem Flight

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Please do not purchase this item in the event that you do not live on the NSW Central Coast as it is far too difficult to coordinate opportunities for Sydneysiders at this current time. 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to truly fly like a bird? Discover the feeling of personal flight with a Tandem Paragliding Flight with us!

This ‘Tandem Taster’ is a great way to get a feel of whether this sport is for you! We fly from several locations on the NSW Central Coast. We fly high over terrain, and you’ll get an amazing birds-eye view in a super relaxed, safe atmosphere. There is a small amount of paperwork to be completed for a tandem paragliding flight and a briefing that we complete and we are off into the sky.

With a few quick steps, we will take flight over Crackneck Lookout and Forresters Beach on the NSW Central Coast. During the flight, you will be seated in a comfortable harness with 360-degree views of the beautiful coastline, pristine waters, and even the odd dolphin.

Flight duration is approximately 30 minutes, weather and condition dependent. We will be able to communicate during the flight, and you’ll have the opportunity to take control of the brakes and steer the glider.

Tandem flight gift vouchers are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase and will be emailed to you upon purchase.

On the day of the flight, please kindly ensure that you have the following:

  • Appropriate footwear for light hiking (or solid runners, x-trainers)
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Consider bringing a windbreaker or jacket as it can be cool up there

Please be advised that due to westerly/offshore conditions that generally render tandem paragliding flights unsuitable in the winter periods, we do not offer this service between the months of mid-May and Early to Mid-Late October. The 6-month validity excludes this period, meaning that in the event that you purchase a gift voucher prior to this period, we’ll effectively automatically apply a ‘hold status’ during this timeframe.

NB. Ages over 14 and under 18 via parental consent. Maximum passenger weight of 110-115 based on conditions Cloudbase courses, tandem flights, and gift vouchers are subject to our standard terms and conditions that can be found here

*The fine print: Please understand that tandem flight experience gift vouchers are not transferrable for cash or website store products. Whilst they are transferrable between individuals during the period of validity, they are not refundable.