AustriAlpin Tropos Hang Gliding Carabiner (each)

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Designed especially for hang gliders, this karabiner has parallel supporting surfaces for max. sling widths of 30mm. The interlock-connection prevents sticking when attaching and removing the karabiner.

The specifications of the new TROPOS are all the same as they were for the old DELTA, which it replaces. The closure sleeve of the TROPOS is a different colour to the DELTA so that they can be easily distinguished.

Don’t forget that you should replace your carabiners after 1500 flying hours or 5 years, or in the event that they have clashed with a hard surface such as concrete.

32Kn = 3200kg

  • Made in Austria by AustriAlpin
  • Quantity / Pack: 1 Karabiner
  • Weight: approx. 227 g
  • Carabiner type: Locking Carabiners
  • Material: Zinc Plated Steel
  • Major axis strength: 32 kN
  • Minor axis strength: 15 kN
  • Open gate strength: 15 kN
  • Gate opening: 18 mm
  • Locking: Screw-lock
  • Weight: 227g

More information at the manufacturers website here.