AirDesign VacPack

$65.00 Inc GST

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What it isn’t: It’s not a bag for your vacuum cleaner!

What it is: It’s the ultimate pack for keeping your rucksack smaller than you could ever imagine. This isn’t just for H&F and vol-bov enthusiasts, this is for anyone wanting to reduce rucksack packing volume.

You don’t want to carry more than 10L while traveling, trail running, or for your hike and fly mission, and for those going vol-biv, it’s dual purpose in that you can pack your tent, mat, and sleeping bag, expelling all of the air and having a smaller packing volume.

Starting at 70g, with an easy rolltop closing system and an integrated air-expelling one-way valve.

Simply pack down and insert your wing, fold and clip the rolltop, and expel the air. If you want to get serious before traveling, you can even use your vacuum cleaner and cup your hand around the fitting and suck out the remaining air.

And it’s made from waterproof fabric too! You won’t load up your rucksack with air anymore with the new AirDesign VackPack.

Size S

Weight: 70g
Dimensions: 50cm (max) x 30cm (average) x 10cm (15L max)
What it fits: Ronin all sizes, UFO all sizes (incl. UFO Bi), SuSi up to size 18.

Size M
Weight: 80g
Dimensions: 65cm (max) x 35cm (average) x 13cm (30L max)
What it fits: UFO Bi, SuSi 21 and up, all AirDesign solo gliders up to size L.

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