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RONIN – #bladerunnin

In feudal Japan (1185-1868), a rōnin (Japanese: 浪人, ‘drifter’ or ‘wanderer’, lit. ’a person of the waves’) was a samurai who had no lord or master.

Light and fast! Starting from 1 kg and 5L packed, the RONIN is our ultimate single surface to run and fly.

And run.
And fly.
Nothing can stop you.

No gods, no masters.

Did you know?

Compared to The New UFO, the RONIN offers reduced weight & packing by decreasing lines, ribs, and nose section but also by using the double-coated Dominico DOKDO 10D fabric. The glider is smaller and it flies at higher load, making it faster and more dynamic. While the RONIN has no speed system thanks to its built-in high speed, the glide and the flair have been improved in comparison to the UFO. The RONIN is ideal for ambitious pilots, trail running, practicing extreme mountaineering, and searching for the most remote challenges in the world.


Did you know?

Since the certification of the first UFO in 2015, Stephan has developed a certain expertise to make single surface gliders as light as possible without compromising their solidity nor the durability. Making the lightest single surface is one thing but we want our pilots to feel confident with their gear, in terms of behavior, performance and robustness. Especially in a wild environment and sketchy take-offs. The RONIN will be your best companion in all your adventures, from the simple trail-and-fly to the epic first ascent.

Technical Specifications & Colors

Light and fast! The RONIN is a versatile single surface glider depending on its weight loading. Choose the size that fits best to your favorite flying style, abilities or demands: from intermediate pilot to speed-flyer. Grab your RONIN and go runnin!

Take Off Weight is considered as the flight-mass (including Pilot, Glider, Harness, Reserve, Gear…)
EN 926-2 = flight test
EN 926-1 = load and shock test


The RONIN has a certified standard weight range (EN 926-2, e.g. EN-B) and an extended weight range which is covered by the EN 926-1 (load-test). In the first one, the glider flies in intermediate style and is already pretty fast. In the latter, the glider is more loaded and therefore the speed is much higher, it thus requires good skills for take-off and landing.

AirDesign has a small one

We work hard on every model to be able to maintain the behavior of the glider in terms of flying, and also outside the flight envelope, for all the certified weights, starting by the smallest ones. The certification of most of our wings starts at 50 kg because we chose to announce only what we have actually tested. And above all, because we make sure that the glider is efficient, secure and fun at this load and this is as important as the certification itself! Our aim is to have light pilots find the same pleasure to fly as heavier ones.More info

Speed Chart (Trimspeed)

 Standard Loading – Intermediate Style
 Upper Standard Loading – already speedy
 Extended Loading – Maximum speed
In the green range, the glider is fully EN certified (B or C).
In the red range, the glider is EN 926-1 certified (shock and load test).

your Ronin – #bladerunnin package


  • Glider
  • UFO Airpack
  • VacPack
  • Goodies
  • Repair Materials and AirDesign Stickers

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