AirDesign Le Slip Harness

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SM 1.5m - 1.75m
ML 1.70m - 1.95m
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Raw - Harness & Carabiners
Full - Harness, Airbag, Carabiners, AD Speed System
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Le Slip – #neverchangeyourslip

This harness can be supplied in two configurations:
Raw: Harness and Carabiners
Full: Harness, Airbag, Carabiners, and AD Ultralight Speed System

If you’ve previously purchased the Raw configuration and looking to accessorise after purchase, here is the Airbag, the Lightweight Speed System, the Supair Free Spee Speed System, and the AirDesign SuSi Front Trimmer Set


How to describe Le Slip…

…one word?

…one image
The look of your friends when you take it out of its pouch on the take-off

.…one dream?
A midnight flight with just Le Slip on!

Designer’s words

Le Slip is the first harness developed by AD! We wanted to create the perfect harness for every pilot who wants to lighten his/her backpack with the same spirit that we put in our wings: light, secure and fun. Built-in durable materials, Le Slip makes you feel at ease in the air and on the ground: automatic and easy hand-free stand-sit transition; made for hours of flight and ground handling. Comfortable and lightweight here comes Le Slip!


From 2021, Le Slip is delivered with the all-new Edelrid Ease Superlight Carabiners, weighing in at just 22g each.


Construction & Features

Size SM 1,50m – 1,75m 200g
Size ML 1,70m – 1,95m 220g
Carabiner Edelrid Ease 22g
Certification EN/LTF
3D shaping for underwear fit comfort
Nitinol rod holders for an easy sit-in at take-off
Two positions Back seat adjustment
Leg split adjustment for tandem pilot use
Reversible folding mesh pocket (store safety stuff, mask, daybag…)
Hiking pole holders
Accessory connecting loop (airbag in development)
Low Friction Ring Guide for speed system (light bar in development)

Additional information

Le Slip Sizing

SM 1.5m – 1.75m, ML 1.70m – 1.95m

Le Slip Configuration

Raw – Harness & Carabiners, Full – Harness, Airbag, Carabiners, AD Speed System