AirDesign FastPack Stuffsack Bag

$180.00 Inc GST

We know what it is like to be in a hurry to get back up the hill and fly again! The FastPack is designed for getting back in the air, and airtime is important!

FastPack keeps your glider in good shape and is quick and easy to pack and unpack. The weight of your equipment is distributed closer to the pilot in a vertical fashion rather than the majority of round and bolbous stuffsacks on the market out there that swing left and right as you walk around, and you can feel the comfort of the extra padded shoulder straps.

Gather the wing together using the lines and pop it in the FastPack, secure the 2 compression straps, buckle up the lid and you are on your way … no fuss, just Fast! When you’re ready to fly again, simply reverse it into itself and it becomes a super-neat, low volume satchel!

For tandem pilots, FastPack is roomy enough for the pilot and passenger harnesses, helmets and all the bits and pieces you need on the hill and in the air.

FastPack is constructed from the same fabric as our glider bags with heavy-duty fittings as standard to ensure a long life-span.

With an opening length of 1,4m, FastPack is suitable for the entire range of AirDesign gliders. The FastPack is delivered optional instead of the Rucksack with the RIDE tandem range.

Weighs approx. 950 g