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EAZY Superlight – Maximum safety combined with an extremely easy take-off behaviour. Your loyal companion for adventures in the mountains.

Hike & fly started with the beginning of our sport when paragliders were used as a way of descending after climbing a mountain. Recent glider developments and new light materials have revived this trend.

All kinds of motives have led to a vast range of gliders suitable for various activities and pilots: The extreme athlete who wants to hike up a mountain quickly but doesn’t want to walk back down again; the hobby pilot who wants to keep fit; the ‘soul-flyer’ who prefers to enjoy nature alone; or the XC pilot who plans bivouac trips covering long distances.

With AirDesign Superlight gliders, the same flying behaviour as our standard wings, along with a reduction in weight and small packing volume are matters of the utmost importance.

If you want to go on long trekking tours, you need additional space for equipment.

When travelling, for example by train or plane, low weight and small packing volume are a great advantage.

If a pilot doesn’t want to carry much weight in general, Superlight equipment is also the right choice.

• All Superlight gliders are delivered with the AirPack Light, so the wing can be packed as small as possible. The packing volume of a Superlight glider is at least 30% smaller than of a standard glider.

• AirDesign Superlight wings come with unsheathed lines as standard. As an option, they can be ordered with sheathed lines.

• The reduction in glider weight is about 20-30% (depending on glider type). If you also use a light-weight backpack, harness, and rescue system, your total equipment has half the weight of standard equipment!


The ideal paraglider for hike & fly pilots – it provides maximum safety and helps to improve flying skills.Thanks to its agile handling and its performance, the EAZY is the perfect choice for pilots who seek the maximum safety that only the EN-A class offers.

No matter if you want to thermal, cover small distances or simply gain experience: the EAZY helps you to reach your goals, gain confidence and quickly experience achievements.


As the name EAZY suggests, takeoff is easy!  ‘AirDesign Comfort in Flight’ is becoming reknowned throughout all the gliders in our range. The pilot who is in control feels relaxed and confident. The outstanding stability of the EAZY and the ease with which any turbulence is absorbed will help you enjoy stress free flying. The long brake travel is very forgiving and pressure progressive. For landing just a strong flare is needed to land accurately every time.

Pitch and roll stability is not coincidental since EAZY was developed based on the profiles of the successful PURE and VOLT.
The combination of stability, trim speed and outstanding performance, make it easy to fly the EAZY with full contol and maximise your flight time in all conditions.


The EAZY way of flying…

All of us at AirDesign love flying and we hope that by providing appropriate equipment we can help beginner pilots share our passion. This is why we have developed the EAZY, a glider specifically designed for newcomers to paragliding. Thanks to its maximum security and impressive performance for an EN A class glider, the EAZY will guarantee long-term fun, not only while you learn the basics but also afterwards as you start to extend your boundaries.

During development we focussed our attention on the requirements of student pilots. We worked closely with a number of flying schools and this allowed us understand and analyse their specific needs and the needs of their students. The result is that we designed the EAZY to be as easy and fun as possible!










  • RACRiser Antitwist Connection  

This is a webbing link which connects the B and C risers. This webbing prevents the risers from twisting and simplifies sorting out the risers and lines.

  • 3-Hangpoint Risers

The risers of the EAZY have three main riser connection, A, B, and C. Only the outer A-line is attached separately for big ears.  

The risers are designed with many of the features developed for our performance gliders but retain a simplicity that helps you during the first steps into our sport.


  • The precise trailing edge sail cutting results in a very clean surface which improves the glide substantially.

3D-Cut und Nose-Wire

  • A 3D-sailcut incorporated in the important ‘nose’ area of the glider profile and nylon-rods instead of mylar combine to provide an extremely clean leading edge and improve the flight behaviour and performance.
  • The advantage of the nylon-rods as opposed to mylar is a cleaner profile. The flexible rods absorb much of the punishment suffered by the leading edge during the early stages of learning and can be replaced if needs be. This ensures that the flight and takeoff behaviour stay the same over a long period of time.

Brake Gathering & Brake Shifting

  • To improve braking efficiency we have incorporated a brake-gathering system in the outer brakes. This makes the glider more agile whilst at the same time keeping the travel long and forgiving.
  •  The long brake pulley webbing makes it easy to influence the turn behaviour. If you slide your inside hand towards yourself, the EAZY turns tighter and with more bank. If you push the brake away from you, the glider turns flatter and you have a better climb. We call this brake-shifting. Watch our video for more info here.

Additional Design Details 

  • High-quality materials from leading manufacturers, Dominico, Edelrid and Liros ensure for a long lifespan.
  • Openings in the trailing edge at the tips to remove debris.
  • The center point of the wing is marked at the leading and trailing edges.

The EAZY XXS is the smallest EN-LTF A glider with the biggest weight range of 50 – 80 kg certified

As flying equipments get lighter, the take-off weight also decreases. Particularly small, light and young pilots don’t like to carry extra ballast with them.

For training purposes we recommend the maximum weight range of 65kg.

Within the weight range of 65 – 80 kg, it is intended as a hike & fly mountain glider, and for pilots who would like to fly small canopies without loosing the advantages of a paraglider.

The EAZY XXS is not a mini-wing, yet it has similar properties. Its advantages over a mini-wing are higher passive safety (EN-LTF A), easier flying behaviour and better glide as well as its thermalling abilities. The glider is very forgiving, and its easy take-off and landing behaviours remain the same.

In keeping with our philosophy we design gliders that correspond with the pilot profile of the respective class. That is why we don’t recommend the XXS in the upper weight range of 65 – 80 kg for beginners and for training purposes ; speed and agility increase due to the higher wing loading (see technical data).


EAZY SuperLight edition is available in the “LITE” colours as standard.

The SuperLight edition can be customised with a different colour leading edge and design stripes.
The main top and bottom surface is offered in white.



AREA FLAT (m²) 19,85 21,92 24,70 27,17 29,37
AREA PROJECTED (m²) 16,90 18,66 21,03 23,13 25,00
SPAN FLAT (m) 10,03 10,54 11,18 11,73 12,20
SPAN PROJECTED (m) 8,02 8,43 8,95 9,38 9,76
ASPECT RATIO FLAT 5,1 5,1 5,1 5,1 5,1
ASPECT RATIO PROJ. 3,8 3,8 3,8 3,8 3,8
CELLS 38 38 38 38 38
TOTAL LINE LENGTH 251 264 280 294 306
TOTAL LINES 214 214 214 214 214
LINE DIAMETERS 0.8/0.9/1.3
WEIGHT (kg) 3,1 3,3 3,8 4,2 4,5
V-TRIM/V-MAX (km/h) 37/48 37/48 37/48 37/48 37/48
V-TRIM/V-MAX (km/h) upper weight range 40/50
TAKE OFF WEIGHT (kg) 50-65* 55-75 70-90 80-105 100-125
TAKE OFF WEIGHT (kg) 65-80**
* Size XXS for schooling 50-65 kg
**Size XXS extended weight range 65-80 kg



Sail:Top sail colour: Dominico DOKDO-30DMF(WR)Top sail: Porcher Skytex 27 classic IIBottom sail: Porcher Skytex 27 classic IIRibs: Porcher Skytex 27 Rib material


Top lines: EDELRID 8000/U- 090

Middle lines: EDELRID 8000/U-130

Main lines: EDELRID 8000/U-230



Glider AirPack light,
riser bag,
AirDesign glider bag (volume approx. 115 lites),
speed bar,
Folder including manual (USB-stick), repair kit and AirDesign stickers
surprise present