AirDesign DONUT Square Round 220kg Tandem Emergency Parachute

$1,610.00 Inc GST

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If you’re looking for a light tandem reserve option, this is it!

The AirDesign DONUT rescue system combines the positive characteristics from both square and annular (round) rescues. The DONUT is cut like a square canopy, but in the air presents more like that of a traditional annular. Subsequently, packing is still as simple as with conventional round rescue systems.

In many drop-tests, we simulated real-life flight behaviour. The DONUT maintains its demonstrated safe and stable characteristics, even after repetitive tests and water landings.

The DONUT’s revolutionary design provides fast opening times, and its four centre lines create a higher projected surface, resulting in low sink values. Side vents make the rescue impressively oscillation stable.

Due to the new design concept, we were able to reduce the total amount of material utilised compared to a conventional round rescue, placing the DONUT in the standard light rescue weight range. The 100kg max coming in at a mere 1300g, the 120kg max at 1600g and this 220kg, aimed at tandem applications coming in at 2.3kg!

You may have noticed that we have elected to certify our rescue systems utilizing the EN certification norm over that of the LTF system norm. This is due the fact that the maximum allowable sink rate for the EN system is 5.5m/s and the LTF system allows 6.7m/s. Never happy with achieving a minimum standard, we strived for an even greater level of safety, with our rescues achieving a sink rate of just 4.6m/s.

This sink rate is the current benchmark for excellence in the marketplace. For the sake of comparison, here’s how it is best described:
•    A rescue with 6.7 m/s max sink rate corresponds to a jump from 2.2 metres in height.
•    A rescue with 5.5 m/s max sink rate corresponds to a jump from 1.5 metres in height.
•    A rescue with 4.6 m/s max sink rate corresponds to a jump from 1 metre in height.
Imagine stepping off your dining room table. This is what the new AirDesign Donut offers.

It’s about asking more from your reserve than just getting you out of trouble in the sky.

• Fast opening
• Low oscillation, high stability
• Low sink rate
• Simple packing
• Low weight



Area Flat (m ²)22,225,5532,5864
Weight (kg)0,861,31,62,3
Max. Load (kg)90100120220
Sink rate @ Maxload (m/s)5,495,174,905,35
Volume (litres)3,163,513,788,55
Packing Height (cm)99912
Width (cm)18,519,520,528,5
Length (cm)192020,525