AirDesign Cockpit

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The ideal accessory for adding to the Sock, Sock Superlight, all Delight, and Evo Lite pod conversion series of harnesses, it can also be used with other harnesses (Velcro fasteners dimensions: 8cm x 20cm)

In flight: The Cockpit is designed to accommodate a maximum of instruments and offer a large dashboard. It simply attaches using Velcro to the existing dashboard on your pod. A removable sun visor improves the visibility of the device screens. Openings allow the passage of power cables from your external battery while there is a loop to secure your instruments.

On the ground: The interior compartments allow you to store instruments and protect them effectively thanks to the two molded shells.

The mounting system folds and an ergonomic handle transforms your cockpit into a very elegant, compact case so you can keep all your important bits in one space and head off to the pub with a minimalist approach!

Dimensions: 34cm x 14cm x 4.5cm
Weight: 250g
Connecting Velcro Sections: 8cm x 20cm