AirDesign AirPack 50/50 Concertina Packing Bag (Blue/Lime)

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XS (105cm)
S (125cm)
M (135cm)

New ideas require new solutions, and with the trend of hike and fly gliders becoming smaller, packing volume also reduces. Introducing the new AirDesign AirPack 50/50. The 50/50 is the lightest concertina bag on the market.

Weighing in at a tiny 160grams, and produced with durable and breathable materials, the 50/50’s smart design supports reduced packing volume, and most importantly, lower overall pack weight.

How to use the AirPack 50/50
Cell pack your glider utilising the standard cell-to-cell packing methodology. The straps assist you to keep the now-folded leading edge area organized and flat. Then, simply fold the glider in half and close the zipper. Fold it once again, and compress it with the tension straps, and you’re done!

The 50/50 was developed to support the HERO, and all sizes are supported with the size S 50/50.

Please refer to the 50/50 compatibility chart below for assistance in choosing the correct model for your AirDesign Superlight glider:

Technical Data

Length (cm)105125135
Width (cm)404045
AirPack 50/50XSSM
SuSi 13SuSi 21Eazy L
SuSi 16SuSi 23Eazy Superlight M
SuSi 18Eazy XXSEazy Superlight L
SuSi 21Eazy XSVivo S
Rise XXSEazy SVivo M
Soar XXSEazy SL XXSVivo L
Volt XSEazy XSRise S
Eazy SL SRise M
Vivo XXSRise L
Vivo XSSoar M
Vivo SSoar L
Rise XXSVolt SM
Rise XSVolt M
Rise SVolt L
Soar XS
Soar S
Volt XS
Volt S
Volt SM


The 50/50 is also suitable for lightweight gliders from other manufacturers.

How to choose the right size 50/50 for your glider
To find your corresponding 50/50 size, simply double the length of the 50/50 and compare it to the chord length of your glider (leading-edge to trailing-edge length measurement at the centre) to +/- 15cm. For example; if your glider has a chord length of 285cm, then the 50/50 in size M is right for you.

*If your glider is equipped with nylon rods longer than 60–65cm, it is not recommended that you utilise this concertina bag due to possible rod flex/bend.


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AirPack 50/50 Size

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