Why come to Bali with us?

We offer the absolute number one tour with over 36 years combined experience in touring Bali. Chris and Mark, in company with their apprentices Geoff and Steve, offer the most well-organised, boutique tour format available.

Our major point of difference is that we do not offer any form of student training when we are conducting our tour. This means that whatever you choose to do with us in Bali, you have our 100% undivided support and guidance. Anyone who knows how we operate in Bali will know that we don’t take risks, and our tour numbers reflect the opportunity our training ethos when at home – we are not a sausage factory.

What about the Candidasa Tour?

Unfortunately, flying in Candidasa this year will not be possible. We’re just as disappointed as you are, but due to the many religious and cultural and religious ceremonies taking place between June and October on Gumang Hill, local government has mandated no paragliding for the whole year of 2018. This directive must be respected and accepted as failure to do this may compromise touring opportunities in the future. For more information on this, please refer to my Facebook announcement.

What can you expect when you join a Cloudbase tour?

  • Daily, interactive morning briefings and afternoon debriefs
  • To fly day after day in some of the most perfect, consistent laminar conditions in the world
  • A couple/family friendly environment
  • To feel like part of a family
  • To have an incredibly fun time where you get to develop your skills with extensive support and guidance
  • To set, achieve and expand on your flying goals and objectives
  • Make friends for life
  • Free assistance with equipment setup and checks
  • One of the most epic tour shirts on the planet at no extra cost
  • Share some excellent meals and social gatherings with great, like-minded individuals

Read about recent Cloudbase Tour participant’s experience with us in SkySailor magazine here and again here, and then in Aviator Magazine here!

Mark and Chris run a standout tour. I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to build skill and clock some serious airtime.

The acceleration of your pilot skill development is so fast due to being able to fly every day.

Getting guidance from the boys makes it excellent value for money when you learn so much. I met some great friends that I’ll have for life on that tour, and can’t wait to get my arse over there for this year.

Luke - Sydney

This was the single most incredible thing that I have done for my flying development since my student course.

Mark and Chris helped me to achieve the skills I needed to progress to an Intermediate rating, and it’s the right amount of time to make everything click.

It’s easy to see why people refer to this as ‘the tour’ to be on.

Thanks boys, you definitely have Bali locked down!

Benny - Melbourne

The support from Chris, Mark, Geoff and Steve is second to none. I arrived with very little airtime after my course in QLD and the boys looked after me like gold.

I’d never done any top landings before, and it was great to have Chris and Mark’s voice constantly in your ear to ensure you’re safe.

I left Bali a completely different pilot and came home to smash some great hours and now feel super confident. I’m going again this year!

Adrian - Brissie

I got much so flying time in while I was in Bali it was ridiculous.

Great times in a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks for such great memories and nights out!

I had a fabulous time!

Best part for me was racking up the hours to develop myself enough to obtain my intermediate rating and learnt how to safely and competently fly a mini wing.

Sanjay - Sydney

..I spent a week refining my ridge soaring skills. Amazing about Bali is that you can set yourself a goal like 20 or 30 top landings in a day and it’s totally achievable..

Read Craig’s incredible article on the Bali Tour in Skysailor Magazine

Craig Heinrich

Nusa Dua Tour (Licensed Pilots)

1. Saturday 11th August – Friday 17th August inclusive (Tour #1)
2. Saturday 18th August – Friday 24th August inclusive (Tour #2)
3. Saturday 25th August – Friday 31st August inclusive (Tour #3)
4. Saturday 1st September – Friday 7th September inclusive (Tour #4)
5. Saturday 8th September – Friday 14th September inclusive (Tour #5)

Information about this tour

We make it all about you, the pilot

We up the ante every year year. As you can see, we’ve moved heaven and earth to tailor a full service tour that is as individualised as possible for everyone, primarily to ensure that you receive more support. This year, our tour crew will consist of instruction by Chris and Mark, in company with Apprentice Instructors Geoff and Steve.

Our main intention is to cater for your specific training needs, and anyone who has been to Bali with us can attest to the fact that it’s generally flyable all day, every day. This means that whatever you want to practice, you get to do it on consecutive days, until these new skills become second nature to you.

Our main point of difference is that in Bali, this is all we do. We don’t teach students and try to run a tour at the same time. This means that all of our time is devoted to helping you enhance your piloting skill range. This is a fun, high quality tour where you will achieve your goals and have an incredible time. We do not overbook our tour, nor do we under-service our tour participants.

Pricing Structure

PG2 or less than 15 hours flying time (not including your course time)
Ideal for those looking to achieve their Intermediate progression
$550.00 per tour

PG3 with over 15hrs flying time (not including your course time)

Ideal for those looking to achieve their Intermediate progression
$500.00 per tour

PG4 and Above
$450 per tour

These costs encompass any and as many of the below listed skills training and tutelage as you like, and as often as you like. Yes – this will include Rating Progressions if you’re ready*

Who is this tour designed for?

This tour is primarily designed for novice pilots seeking to build large amounts of airtime, skill range and experience with view to obtain an intermediate rating. We concentrate on heavily on assisting you on building the following competencies:

Advanced launch skills 
Do you feel as though your launch technique could do with some improvement? Let us teach you how to launch with style. We’ll assess your current technique and train you how to read the conditions and modify your methodology to ensure you look good and get off the hill like a professional.

Precision Top Landing Skills
Would you love to refine your top landing technique? This one’s for you. Bali is seriously the home of where to learn slick and precise top landing techniques. We will talk you in as many times as it takes to make you a star!

XC Skills Theory Session
Let Chris coach you on the theory behind advanced XC pilotage. Learn how to make the most out of the conditions, understanding thermals, weather and advanced thermaling techniques. Held in a relaxed resort style environment, no question will be left unanswered.

Ground Handling Coaching
You’d like to brush up on your ground handling technique? You’re not alone. In saying that, the best pilots are forever building on their ground handling skill abilities. Your ability to effectively manage the wing on the ground directly translates to better understanding of the wing’s behaviour in the air. We will be more than happy to provide some one-on-one GH training while we are in Bali on tour.

Advanced Soaring Strategies
Make sure that you are getting the most of your coastal soaring skills. Learn the little sneaky tricks and tips that can take your flying to the next level. Bali is the perfect location for building on your already great skill base.

If you’re on the tour, please ensure that you’ve registered for the Tour Newsletter. These newsletters are highly informative updates for those attending Cloudbase Tours, and provide you with the necessary info to help you prepare. Past issues for last year’s tour are located here.

*The fine print about Rating Progressions: Please understand that you will only obtain the next level of pilot skill rating\endorsement if you are capable of doing so, and your piloting skills reflect this capability. Of course, we will assist with every fibre of our being to coach, enhance and improve your flying, however, you must understand that although Bali is a magical place, it will not change the fact that we do not just simply hand out rating progressions willy nilly.

In saying that, if you are willing to work with us, we can take you as far in your paragliding career as you like. The sky’s the limit, guys!

Specifics, dates, travel advice and accommodation information

Joining The Tour
You must pay for the tour 60 days in advance It is recommended that you arrive a day earlier than the tour start date so that you are fresh, relaxed and ready to fly. Simply send us a message on the contact form below to tell us what type of training you are most interested in while we’re there.

What are the respective tour dates?
1. Saturday 11th August – Friday 17th August inclusive (Nusa Dua Tour #1)
2. Saturday 18th August – Friday 24th August inclusive (Nusa Dua Tour #2)
3. Saturday 25th August – Friday 31st August inclusive (Nusa Dua Tour #3)
4. Saturday 1st September – Friday 7th September inclusive (Nusa Dua Tour #4)
5. Saturday 8th September – Friday 14th September inclusive (Nusa Dua Tour #5)

Getting There
We’ve always highly recommended Garuda Indonesia Airlines. They have a generous 23kg sporting goods allowance, additional to the 30kg check baggage for Economy class fares, and 40kg for Business Class fares.

It has been the case in the past that what may appear to be a cheap ticket with Jetstar or Virgin may end up to be much, much more due to extra baggage charges. If you don’t account for these online, they pump you hard at the check-in counter, and before you know it, you’re paying an absolute packet.

Getting Around
We get you to and from the flying site every day, but in the event that you want to go off and adventure by yourself, expect to pay up to $20AUD per day for a hire car, and scooter hire is anywhere from $7-$12AUD on average. We can organise all of your requirements cheaper than what you could normally as we have a local contact.

Staying There
All rooms are booked for the Swiss belHotel Segara for tour participants and the Rooms Division Manager will have a list of all rooms matched to tour participant names.

This means you simply turn up with identification and your room is allocated to you with a smile. Easy.

Our room rate of AUD$75p/n* includes breakfast and in-room WiFi, and we are proud to announce the following extras that the Swiss belHotel Segara have offered guests on our tour.

20% discount at T-Bar, Lobby Restaurant and Pool Bar (includes alcoholic beverages!)
20% discount at the Day Spa between 10:00am and 4:00pm

This is a great hotel with extremely friendly and accommodating staff who make your stay very comfortable. Twin-share available.

Extra night accommodation on your final day
If you’re flying home to the eastern seaboard, it is a solid recommendation that you consider booking an extra day. The reason for this is that room checkout is 11am and your flight will be departing anywhere between 9pm and midnight.

This gives you an opportunity to utilise your room for showers, or an afternoon rest instead of leaving your baggage at the bell desk and showering in the pool (which could be weird both for you and the kids with floaties).

*The quoted rate and extras are for those booking and paying through us. If you’d like to book separately (direct to hotel), I believe the rate would be up to $10 additional per night, without discount offers.

Dont forget to register for the Tour Newsletter!
If you haven’t done so already, please ensure that you’ve registered for the Tour Newsletter. These newsletters are highly informative updates for those attending Cloudbase Tours, and provide you with the necessary info to help you prepare. Past issues for last year’s tour are located here

.. I did the Tandem Endorsement Course with the Cloudbase boys in Bali. I’m an experienced pilot, and I learnt a hell of a lot about how to control a glider with a passenger entering the equation. Bali is a great place to do this endorsement due to the fact that the conditions are consistently good, and top landing practice is invaluable. I definitely recommend it.

Magdy Malik

Tandem Endorsement Course

1. Saturday 11th August – Friday 17th August inclusive (Tour #1)
2. Saturday 25th August – Friday 31st August inclusive (Tour #3)
3. Saturday 8th September – Friday 14th September inclusive (Tour #5)

More about this course

Looking to share this amazing sport with your friends and family?  Bali provides some of the best conditions for this training! We’ll be running a Tandem Endorsement Course at any time between the following dates:

1. Saturday 11th August – Friday 17th August inclusive (Tour #1)
2. Saturday 25th August – Friday 31st August inclusive (Tour #3)
3. Saturday 8th September – Friday 14th September inclusive (Tour #5)

Please allow a minimum of 4-5 days training. We’d prefer you are with us for the whole tour week so that you achieve greater than the minimum of 20 flights.

Pricing Structure

  • Course cost is $550 and you must supply your own serviceably airworthy, certified tandem equipment.


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