Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers

SAFA Chief Flight Instructor

Mark Rossi

Mark Rossi

SAFA Chief Flight Instructor

Owned and operated by Chris Rogers and Mark Rossi, Cloudbase Paragliding maintains an emphasis on attention to detail, safety, and above all else – having the most epic time of your life.

In fact, Chris has over 20 years experience flying and instructing, and knows what it takes to ensure that students get the most out of their time on a course. His instructional experience, coupled with Mark’s extensive training and development background allows them both to understand that everyone responds to different learning techniques, and adapt their instructional methodology to ensure you get the most out of your training in order to be best skilled for when you finally leave ‘the nest’.

As you can see, we concentrate on an environment where you have the ultimate level of fun. Safely

Last weekend I completed the novice paraglider course at Cloudbase, and I could not recommend them highly enough.

Mark & Chris succeed at creating a safe, fun learning environment and at no time was I made to feel out of my depth.

I will be recommending Cloudbase to any of my friends that want to take up this great sport.

Mark 'Sparkles' Dietsch, VIC

Can’t say enough good stuff about these guys. They helped me get back in the air again after a long break and at a very reasonable price. What you’ll be surprised to hear is that they aren’t about the coin.

They’re genuinely in it for the love of the sport and to see people evolve as pilots. They hold small classes that churn out excellent pilots and have grown an excellent community of mentors around the country. This is a small company that treats their customers like family.

Anthony Redford, NSW

Highly recommended! I am a novice pilot and wanted to get more tutelage and this was one of the best experiences I have had. Their home base is located on/next to a winery, very clean and comfortable with kitchen facilities.

Now on to the fun stuff, the flying. Cloudbase runs a professional flight school with some great guys at the helm. The coastal flying is beautiful and safe and they offer an inland launch field as well. They drive you to the sites and teach you everything you need to know to get you up into the sky and soar like an eagle. This is a must for anybody who wants to or is thinking of going up in the air paragliding. They also do tandems.

Thanks for the fun times, guys.

Ryan O'Hara Reid, NSW

What we do, and why you should learn with us

Cloudbase offers a diverse array of paragliding courses that support beginner learning, right through to the advanced piloting skills and paramotoring. Located in the Port Macquarie local area, we have wide and varied flying site options that cater for all types of experience levels and training requirements that suit your objectives. Rather than operating like some schools, we can offer a bespoke one to one tuition service that ensures each student has a very high skill level once their training is complete. This ensures that they are safe, competent and confident in all flying conditions. Chris Rogers is the most experienced CFI operating a flight training facility on the Mid North Coast. 

What is our point of difference?
Our strongest point of difference is that we operate as a boutique paragliding school without the boutique costs. We generally max out at around 4-5 students per paragliding course, and generally 2-3 students per paramotor course. This results in a greater learning experience for the student by the facilitation of greater 1:1 student/instructor engagement. This means you, the student, leaves our school extremely competent and confident in your skill range and abilities.

We place a massive emphasis on safety
Paragliding is the safest aviation sport in the world, and we will teach you to an extremely high standard. We will happily welcome you back for free refresher days in the event that you’ve had some time away from the sport, or you just want to brush up or refine your skills before going back to unassisted solo flying. In fact, the main point of difference is that we offer customised, individualised training that sees you enhance your skills to be the best pilot you can be.

We also offer the following training clinics and theory seminars;   

  • Tandem Tasters (Get a feel for the sport with a 30 minute flight!)
  • Paragliding Licence Courses
  • Intermediate Skills Clinics
  • Towing Endorsement Training
  • Tandem Endorsement Training
  • PPG Endorsement Training
  • Thermaling and Cross Country Skills Clinics
  • Introduction to Competition Flying Clinics
I travelled from West Oz to an amazing part of the country where Cloudbase Paragliding has got it wired.

Chris & Mark offer the full live in package where you are immersed around the clock in paragliding heaven. Experienced instruction keeps you both safe & comfortable.

It’s easy to see, as these guys are oozing with passion to get you achieving your goals.

It will probably take me another week to get this silly grin off my face.

Julian Bryant, WA

I really can’t recommend Mark and Chris at Cloudbase enough. In the middle of a plethora of flying sites, these guys live and breathe PG and PPG. So if you stay with these guys you’ll get free, A-grade, experienced advice 24/7.

Not only that, but there’s luxury too. A huge pool, both private and public spaces in their huge mansion, free wi-fi if you need to work, a library of PG videos and everything has been thought out for you down to even the smallest of details. The towels they supply are the softest I’ve ever used…EVER!

Rod Sheppard, VIC

Considerations when buying Paragliding equipment

We’re extremely knowledgeable with regard to ensuring that you have equipment that is right for your comfort, skill level and proposed flying environment. We are the Australian importer and distributor for AirDesign Paragliders, but can source or provide advice on every major brand offered in Australia at competitive prices.

If we’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it 100 times

Please understand that it is not recommended, nor is it necessary for any prospective student to purchase equipment prior to learning to fly. This is a common area of poor judgement for new or prospective pilots, and purchasing equipment without correct inspection and assessment training could not only be a total waste of your money, but could also lead to serious injury. If in doubt, give us a shout first.


Considerations when researching where to learn to fly

When shopping around for a school to learn at, ask all the BIG QUESTIONS to yourself and your future instructor regarding their experience and local knowledge, and how that will correlate to you for your flying career. We focus on small class numbers to ensure that everyone leaves with the experience of a very well rounded course. We don’t charge you anymore for this. Your skills and abilities are our business card.